Dr Paul Field

Dr Paul Field

Trainer, Coach and Coach Supervisor

Paul Field is a certified Clean Facilitator, Clean Trainer and Clean Assessor. He’s a speaker at international conferences and innovator of new techniques in Clean Language, including Modeller’s Mind, Embodied Clean, The Binds Process and Persona Modelling.

Paul has coached private clients one-to-one for many years. As part of his spiritual path, he spent two years pursuing his purpose and finding the most meaningful work and, to his surprise, found himself working with sexual assault victims. He now has a specialist one-to-one practice using Clean, embodiment, bodywork and trauma-informed approaches to help women reconnect to their bodies and sexuality, particularly after sexual or emotional trauma, or difficult relationships with men. You can find out more about this work at his website: https://awakenthewoman.co.uk/

In addition, Paul still does general coaching, particularly when it is supporting someone to somehow be more confidently and authentically themselves in the world. You can contact him to find out more here: https://www.cleanchange.co.uk/coaching-therapy-sessions/

Paul also has over 20 years’ experience in business, leading teams and applying Agile and Product Development approaches. He has led transformation in top investment banks, including on £200m+ project portfolios and one programme responsible for $1 billion in financial transactions/day. He created a global community of practice for Agile consisting of over 900 people in 50 locations around the world. He still does some work in that world, coaching and mentoring leaders in startups and in large organisations. You can find out more about his corporate background on LinkedIn.