Can I explore images of organisations with Clean Language?

Clean in Business

One of the ways Clean Language is used in business is to help groups to develop shared images of organisations. This is particularly useful when a company’s board of directors, for example, wants to become clearer about its shared mission, vision and strategy.

Typically, each member of the group is asked: “When this company is working at its best, it’s like what?” Each person will have a different metaphor, though there may be some similarities: common images of organisations include sports teams of various kinds, groups of performers, and nature metaphors such as gardens.

The facilitator will then work with the group to combine these individual metaphors into a single, shared metaphor that everyone can buy in to. This may be used later to communicate the board’s vision to the company’s staff.

This process is broadly based on Caitlin Walker’s ‘Metaphors @ Work’.

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