Hans-Peter Wellke writes:

I had a one-day one-2-one coaching with a client. At the very beginning he asked me, “Are you able to coach yourself with your own coaching tools?” I said, “No, I use paid coaches like you, and in my network of coaches we coach each other.”

Then I remembered, “And yes, I can coach myself. A few days ago I flew back home from London to Germany and on the plane I unpacked the Clean Change Cards. I started to work with them, asking as ever, ‘What would you like to have happen?’ and picked one card after another, coaching myself with my chosen subject, writing down all of my answers.

“That worked perfectly to me, although the questions had been picked at random. By the way … (I took the cards out of my pocket) I have the cards with me. Do you like to see and to try it?” He nodded so we started to work Cleanly by using the cards. He picked one card after another, I asked the question and he put answering every new card in a row in his front on the table.

We worked almost 90 minutes having used about 30 cards, using certain cards up to six or seven times again and again (David Grove’s metadrivers) and working completely Clean. A lot of changes happened in a way he and I had not expected for this coaching day.

The originally scheduled desired outcome for this day appeared as not fitting to his role and to his responsibility in his job. He redefined his job identity, his role, and sharpened it. At the end of the 90 minutes he said: “I never felt myself so well valued, appreciated and understood like today.”

A few weeks later he told me about how well his job runs and about a conversation he had a day before when he coached someone Cleanly for the first time. “Of course it did not work as perfectly as you are trained, but how I did it, it worked amazing well. I only used the words of my conversation partner over a longer time. He felt very well understood, without awareness about my specific listening he continued talking longer and longer – and I got all the information I needed.”

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