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The Knowledge Inside:
Questions are the new Answers

the Knowledge Within

We are here to help Your Company Get Better Results

How do we do that?   By:
  • Uncovering the hidden knowledge inside individuals and groups
  • Using advanced communication skills
  • Teaching advanced communication skills
Work with us and discover the knowledge inside:
We help you to use Clean Language, metaphor, and the language of influence so that:
  • You win more business
  • Clients feel listened to and understood
  • All parties are clear about what’s important
  • Time-consuming confusion and misunderstandings are reduced
  • Stakeholders are motivated and empowered, teams feel well-led and confident
  • There is an increased probability of delivering on time, on budget, and exceeding client expectations.

You can use the expert knowledge of Wendy Sullivan co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds, and the extensive skills of the Clean Change Associates to make an immediate difference to your business.

Working with you and your staff we’ll cut through long standing problems and head for solutions that fit you perfectly and can last a lifetime.

While we love long standing relationships with clients, unlike some consultancies we’re not looking to create dependency. We’ll teach practical skills so that you and your staff communicate more effectively, deliver improved results, and speak more powerfully in your market.

Call us for a free exploratory discussion on +44 (0)20 8400 4832.

What can we do for you?

We specialize in creating trainings and interventions to uniquely fit with your business situation. Call us to discuss your particular needs. Here are some of our popular “ready to go” solutions:

Performance Coaching

There are people in your organisation for whom the transformation that comes from personal performance coaching can completely turn around the way your business operates.

Coaching is often appropriate for your top performers, who may be facing new challenges in the roles they have risen to.

We offer uniquely effective and supportive weekly and monthly coaching in person or on the phone using the techniques for which we are world renowned.


Difficult Conversations Training

What is the most challenging conversation you are going to have?

If you are:

  • Having to break bad news
  • Giving difficult feedback
  • Managing difficult colleagues
  • Handling complaints
  • Working with disciplinary proceedings or arbitration

Then we can help.

We know how to have these conversations so that you get quicker resolutions with better outcomes. You might also experience reduced damage to your organisation’s reputation, fewer crises and less litigation in areas such as employment breach, tribunals, duty of care, and personal injury claims.

Training the trainers

For larger organisations not only are we able to train your staff, we are able to train your training departments so that your organisation keeps hold of and grows with its new resourcefulness.


Connecting with Customers Training

Connect with others effectively and you’ll be able to influence and gain buy-in more often and more fully. That’s the central finding of a number of research studies. And, of course, these skills extend far beyond day-to-day commercial transactions, into any context where you need to ‘sell’ yourself or your ideas.

But what if you’re not a natural ‘people person’? What if you’re being asked to take on more and more customer-facing work and you feel uncomfortable about it? How can you establish rapport quickly and effectively?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • a questioning technique which will help you to connect effectively, whether you’re meeting people face-to-face, in meetings, or on the phone
  • a deceptively simple six-question structure designed to help you achieve rapid rapport, to add warmth to all kinds of relationships
  • an approach to help you to understand people – and their priorities – in greater depth

Armed with this understanding, you’ll have strong foundation for being able to influence anyone, whether you are wanting buy-in for your ideas, looking for a new job or promotion, or needing to energise a flagging team member.

Creativity and Inspiration one day Workshops

Bounce around in your metaphorical pyjamas

Bring a new energy and dynamism into your organisation. Research increasingly shows that creativity and play are vital for keeping us happy and smart and offers a route to resilience in all kinds of problem contexts.


C-C@APS 1-page 1-day Business Planning

One day can change the future of your business forever.

Here at the Clean Change Associates we have created a unique and powerful process to help you create a richly owned business vision that will keep on communicating direction to you over years of success.


Instant Team Building two day Workshops

Do you want to develop an engaged, empowered team, working together to make a difference? Taking Gareth Morgan’s ‘Images of Organisation’ to the next level, and based on the latest research on cognitive linguistics, this workshop focuses on ways in which metaphors can be used to facilitate team-working, team-alignment and more, whether the team is new and keen but tentative, or ticking over within its comfort zone, or rather like a set of individual silos.


We use the latest advances in understanding the nature of thought, human interaction and systems thinking to sort out messes, in ways that are more creative, fun and rewarding than, in all probability, you believed possible.

Call us: 020 8400 4832 – We love what we do

Read how Clean Change achieves great results in business with Clean Language and the language of influence

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