The knowledge inside… yourself

Clean in Coaching and Therapy

You’re the star of your own show, so make the most of yourself! Clean Change can help you do just that.

By using Clean Language questions we’ll help you to uncover useful resources which may be masked in everyday life.

For example, have you ever had a hunch or instinct about something important, but been unable to explain it or convince people around you? Using Clean Language questions can develop that ‘message from your subconscious’ into more detailed thoughts, so turning your ‘gut feeling’ into something really useful.

We can help you discover just how you achieve your best results, enabling you to do this more easily and more often, and to share your knowledge with others.

Using Clean Language can create a bridge between the conscious and unconscious minds, enhancing self-awareness and self-understanding. Becoming aware of the metaphors involved encourages a different kind of thinking, which can lead to new ways of viewing a difficult situation and, in turn, to transformation.

Case study: New energy for IT man
Case study: Finding a real purpose

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