How can Clean Language tie in with advanced NLP techniques?

Clean Language and NLP

As we explained in this article, although Clean Language is a stand-alone change/coaching/therapy technique, it can be combined very effectively with NLP techniques. And that applies not just at the basic level – some of the most advanced NLP practitioners are very ‘clean’ in their methods.

It’s also noticeable that some of the most advanced NLP techniques are based, like Clean Language, on modelling. Renowned trainers such as Richard Bandler, Eric Robbie and Gabe Guerrero emphasise the importance of sensory acuity in thoroughly modelling what’s happening for the client – though once they have established the situation, they work ‘unCleanly’ to promote a change – for example using hypnotic suggestion, reframing, sleight of mouth patterns. ‘energy work’ or other techniques.

In the UK, most leading NLP trainers are familiar with Clean Language and may include a little in their Practitioner or (more usually) their Master Practitioner courses. Clean Language may be taught as a modelling technique which may be used on the NLP modelling projects which will typically form an important part of Master Practitioner courses.

At least a couple of Clean Language sessions are normally included in the London NLP Conference each autumn. And several leading figures within the NLPtCA – the NLP psychotherapists’ organisation – use Clean Language as their primary therapeutic modality: James Lawley, for example.

Outside the UK (and perhaps France), you are less likely to find Clean Language presented alongside advanced NLP, because it is not as well known. However, in recent years international trainers such as Tad James have shown an interest, so this situation may be about to change.

If you are already a skilled NLP Master Practitioner or Trainer, learning Clean Language with Clean Change Company will add an extra string to your bow. And at the same time, no knowledge of NLP is needed to join the Clean Change Company programme.

If you are interested in learning Clean Language, you can find out more about our training.

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