Management and Metaphor

Clean in Coaching and Therapy

Martin Roemer from Munich, Germany was asked by a colleague for help to develop a structure for the management book he is about to write.

“He had around fifty pages of notes of ideas and concepts for the book, collected over quite some time. Apart from the overall topic I did not know anything about the intended contents of the book when we began the phone conversation.

“After just a couple of questions the client came up with a first version of his metaphor for the book’s overall structure.

“As the session continued he sorted and structured the content, honed the overall metaphor as well as developed metaphors for sub-structures, formulated and improved the headlines of chapters and defined key style elements of the book.

“After less than 90 minutes the session was finished, with my colleague satisfied he was much further on with his book now than he had expected he could be.”

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