Starting Your Journey to Master Clean Language

What is Clean?

Clean is an elegant, sophisticated way to make a long-term difference. To confidently effect transformation, even in those situations which have stayed stuck for many years. At its core are 12 simple questions and a philosophy of stripping out all assumptions and judgements, providing the client the opportunity to be with their own experience, in a space of acceptance.

As Clean facilitators, we learn to listen exquisitely to subtle distinctions in the client’s language, so, with simple questions, we can precisely invite the client’s attention into spaces of new learning and change. We provide clients with opportunities to learn and change using metaphors and symbols, space and movement, and the body and their inner sensations.

Clean uniquely integrates multiple modalities of working into an elegant whole, while being versatile enough to apply in almost any coaching situation. You can use it to “clean up” and improve your existing approaches, or as a complete stand-alone coaching framework.

Start your journey by joining our training

Modules 1-4 offer a complete Clean coaching framework, including Clean Space and embodiment

Do not let this opportunity slip by: grasp it. An exhilarating transformative journey
awaits you, and your clients.

Martin Snoddon

Conflict resolution consultant, Belfast

Clean gives you the confidence to really get results with your clients.

Mark Hawkswell

Corporate trainer and coach

Everyone on the programme was amazed at how insights and spontaneous resolutions seemed to appear out of thin air.

Gavin Miekle


Start your journey by joining our training

The most obvious way to start is to join us for our four-module complete foundation training. You’ll gain all the essential skills you need to work Cleanly, and, if you have your eyes on one of our more advanced pathways, they all start with completing modules 1-4.

  • Modules 1-4: A full coaching framework, along with Clean Space and embodiment – ready for optional certification as a Clean Facilitator.

If you want to just dip your toe in the water, you can start with the first two modules and come back for more later:

  • Modules 1-2: Get the basics of Clean questions and metaphor. Start to work with change and outcomes.

And if you have a specific interest in embodiment or bodywork, you might prefer to start with our specialist Embodied Clean course:

  • Embodied Clean: Learn how to effect change in the body using Clean questions and metaphor.

Interested in coaching accreditation?

If you’d like to become an accredited coach with a professional coaching body, such as the Association for Coaching, then we offer an extended programme called Professional Clean Coach. Starting with modules 1-4 as the foundation, we add additional coaching content and tools, including the professional skills needed, such as working with ethics, contracting and how to price your services. This programme helps you get everything you need ready for applying for accreditation. You can sign up for the full programme now, or, if you’re undecided, then join us for modules 1-4 and “upgrade” any time before the training ends.

Need some options for your budget?

We know these are challenging times. If budgeting for the training is an issue but you’d like to join us, then please contact us – we can arrange payment in instalments and other options.

And where does all this lead?

We have, we believe, the most comprehensive Clean Training in the world. After modules 1-4, you can apply for Clean Certification if you’d like, and we have another four “Jedi” modules to deepen your skills. We also have other advanced modules, including Persona Modelling, which gives you the ability to work with people’s internal social systems (often called “parts”).

Where now?

You can book training through this website or you can contact us to talk through the options.