New energy for IT man from Clean Language coaching

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IT consultant Matthew Dodwell was unhappy with the way his career was going: so unhappy that he was hoping to escape from the industry and do something completely different.

But after a series of Clean Language coaching sessions, he’s found new optimism, new energy and a new direction.

He explained, “I’d got myself stuck, working from home in an isolated, solo programming role. It was boring, and it was only serving me – there was no bigger picture. All the energy was burned out, like a small, dark dwarf star.

“Now there’s just so much happening! As a result of the coaching I’m now moving into a larger, more expansive role with more interaction with people.

“I’m more active, talking to people like IT project managers, and finding that they’re interested in what I have to say. I can engage other people with my passion.

“I’ve got a very sure feeling about my future. There’s a warm energy, a warm glow, like a star in its active phase.

“Heading back into IT was not what I expected from the coaching. In the beginning I was thinking about anything apart from that! But I now value my existing skills more than I did, as well as valuing the people working in this area.”

42-year-old Matthew, who is based in Bath, UK, is now combining his technical skill with ‘people oriented’ tasks, working directly with development teams, customers, and end users.

In his search for a life-change, he had experienced various coaching processes before discovering Clean Language. He found that Clean coaching was qualitatively different to more conventional approaches.

He said: “Most ways of coaching seem to be more about the coach’s process, and about finding ‘the right answer’. Which is all very well, but it didn’t help me.

“In contrast, this process has really changed things inside. Things are very, very different. It’s about activating the knowledge inside yourself and using that to make things change.”

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