Clean Certification (Foundation Level)


Ever wondered how your skills rate in the world of Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling? Now’s your chance to find out in this Certification at Foundation Level.

Ever wondered how your skills rate in the world of Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling? Now’s your chance to find out in this Certification at Foundation Level.

When run face-to-face, it takes one day; when using Zoom, it consists of about 6 facilitation activities which will be spread over more than one day. At present, we are only running Zoom-based events.

Please email if you'd like to do the Certification yourself or if you'd like to volunteer to be a client for someone going through Certification. There is no charge for clients. Please email us to express interest in certification -

This face-to-face day or Zoom-based certification is assessed by Wendy Sullivan and Paul Field and is open to anyone who has completed Modules 1-4 with Clean Change Company, or equivalent training with another organisation.

As well as receiving direct, in-the-moment feedback, you will get feedback on your skills against a checklist of competencies over a number of facilitation sessions. You will receive specific feedback on the evidence of your level of competency, demonstrated over the day. And you will be given suggestions for the next steps in your development.

And, if you demonstrate sufficient evidence you will become a certified Clean Facilitator (Foundation Level).

Note: certification is not a prerequisite for proceeding to Module 5 of the Clean Change Company programme.

Our assessment philosophy

Our approach is based on the following premises:

Each of us needs to find our own way to integrate these skills so that they are congruent with who we are.
Our effectiveness as facilitators is tied to our flexibility, responsiveness and skill in selecting behaviours that are appropriate to the context.
The more choice and flexibility we have, and the more useful we will be to our clients.
Evidence-based feedback is the fuel of development.
We can only be sure that we have the choice whether to employ a skill or not when we can demonstrate it in several chosen contexts


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Wendy Sullivan

Wendy Sullivan

Trainer, Psychotherapist, Coach and Coach Supervisor

Wendy Sullivan has worked in the field of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling for around 20 years. She has both studied and worked with the originators, David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, and is one of the most experienced trainers in the field.

Wendy is also a qualified trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and uses elements of this alongside Clean Language in her work with individual clients, and business teams.
Find out more in Wendy's full bio.

Dr Paul Field

Dr Paul Field

Trainer, Coach and Coach Supervisor

Paul Field is a certified Clean Facilitator, Clean Trainer and Clean Assessor. He's a speaker at international conferences and innovator of new techniques in Clean Language, including Modeller's Mind, Embodied Clean, The Binds Process and Persona Modelling.

Paul has a background in business working with executives and teams, combining Clean with leadership, agile and product development. He now has a specialist practice, where he uses Clean, embodiment and trauma-informed approaches to help women overcoming sexual and emotional trauma and difficult relationships with men.
Find out more in Paul's full bio.