The Five-Minute Coach – Improve Performance Rapidly


The Five-Minute Coach offers a simple, but very effective, step by step guide to coaching quickly and effortlessly with amazing results. Short, punchy and easy to read, the user can swiftly learn this innovative tool for improving performance.

Book by Lynne Cooper and Mariette Castellino

The Five-Minute Coach offers a simple, step by step guide to how to coach quickly and effortlessly and get amazingly better results at work. Short, punchy and easy to read, the user can swiftly learn this innovative and effective tool for improving performance.Designed for leaders, managers and supervisors, in any setting, The Five-Minute Coach is a ground-breaking approach to coaching on the job. It creates significant performance improvements, while improving job satisfaction for manager and team member alike. This approach to coaching has been developed by the authors and used in organizations across the board large and small, private and public, with adults and teens, and across a variety of voluntary and community groups. Professional coaches have also adopted this system in their work.

The book leads the reader through this deceptively simple process which changes thinking about how to work with others. Leaders no longer need to have all the answers. They benefit from true delegation. They uncover the talent and resources of others. They free up time for themselves--time to think strategically and to be more proactive, creative and innovative. With its focus on outcome-thinking, effective action planning and motivating people to take action, this book offers clear steps, practical examples and tips. It all adds up to a very practical way to improve performance.

"The temptation to just do it yourself rather than help a team member to learn how to do something is very real for busy managers. The Five-Minute Coach leaves you with no excuse for doing that. Its clarity about how to make a real difference through effective coaching makes it a valuable addition to any manager’s briefcase." - Sir Steve Bullock, Executive Mayor London Borough of Lewisham