The knowledge inside… your customers

Clean in Business

Forward-thinking companies worldwide are developing a new kind of relationship with their customers. They want to know, in depth, what their customers really think so that they can serve them more effectively.

In consulting of all kinds, requirements-gathering needs to become more effective and more precise, to prevent the massive waste caused by miscommunication. And in retail, brands seek a deeper emotional connection with their customers, generating long-term loyalty.

We work with consultancies of all kinds to introduce the benefits of Clean Language and metaphor in these fields.

– What if your research could be even more compelling for your clients?
– What if your client reports were more colourful and easier for busy executives to grasp – while remaining as rigorous as ever?
– What if you could uncover (and easily describe) the customer emotions behind your survey findings?
– What if customers spoke directly from the heart, through your reports, to make an increased impact on company behaviour?

Case study: Saving a large IT project

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