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Clean in Business

We work with organisations of all kinds to enable effective thinking and improved communication through team alignment. Imagine your colleagues opening up enough to understand what really excites and motivates them, finding out in the process how best to change what’s happening so that you work together as genuine team.

– Discover what really matters to the business – and to you!
– Devise imaginative solutions to problems
– Invent exciting new products in line with customers’ thinking
– Improve motivation, fast.

Working through metaphor, you can enhance communication at all levels. While metaphors may often seem to be shared (e.g., ‘We’re a winning team’) the details of each person’s metaphors are unique. Scratch the surface using Clean Language and you’ll discover the surprises behind a person’s words – for example, is the metaphorical team a football team, a Formula 1 team, or a quiz team? A ‘team’ – with all that the word implies – means different things to different people. When everyone in a group is enabled to share their metaphors, a new level of joint understanding and focus can emerge.

People’s metaphors reveal their values, and drive their behaviour. If a person works at their best when they are like a striker in a football team, their focus may well be on ‘scoring goals’ in any way possible, perhaps by bending the rules. Another person may think of themselves as a member of the pit crew in Formula 1 and pay more attention to combining speed and precision in their work. A third may feel more like a quiz team member, placing a high value on knowing the facts.

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Case study: Developing leadership skills

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