What is Clean Language?

Introductory Articles

Clean Language uses the metaphors which underpin our thinking to facilitate powerful and lasting change.

It’s a great way to align your head, heart and gut – to harness the power of your unconscious mind to work towards the life you desire.

Metaphors have a profound influence on our behaviour and yet are usually outside our conscious awareness – we notice them as little as a fish notices the water it swims in. This is increasingly recognised by leading academics such as Steven Pinker and Gerald Zaltman (both of Harvard University).

Clean Language is a tried-and-tested method for bringing a person’s own metaphors into consciousness, improving inter- and intra-personal communication and with the potential for driving powerful, long-lasting change.

Effective in situations as diverse as psychotherapy and sales, school teaching and business management, coaching, complementary health and computing, and across different languages and cultures, it’s an approach which is catching on worldwide because of its profound impact.

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